Saturday, December 16, 2006

house leek audio - cd release - Thom Golub & Cody Oliver

Cody Oliver / microclimate / hla-001 / cd


…sonic investigations of gradual climate change and rapid local weather shifts, microclimate sketches an abstract account of the trials of agriculture and gardening, and submits loaded predictions of the future movements made of small segments of the environment…


Thom Golub / Lexicon / hla-002 / cd


A solo improvisation, recorded perhaps under duress, Lexicon is a miniature document of Thom Golub’s celebrational, monumental and sustained attack-style of the double bass. Relentlessly and ruthlessly scrambling through passages between dissonance and tunefulness, extended and traditional technique, Lexicon demonstrates the full sonic palette of the acoustic bass and culminates precariously between free improvisation and pure aural candy.